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Art and Function…

County Meath, Saturday, 30th July 2022…



The eastern entrance stone and the two

standing stones in front of it

are instrumental in recording the equinox.


No one knows what the ovoid shaped stone to the left is for,

perhaps it represents the ‘egg of the sun’?



The respective shadows of the stones cast

from the setting equinox sun

fall on the entrance stone,

directly across the inscribed vertical line,

and one of the sun and spiral decorated kerb-stones alongside.



As if to prove this is no fluke

the same trick is played on the western

side of the mound.


The shadow casting standing stone can just be seen

on the far right edge of the photograph, above.


It begins to look like, for these megalithic temple builders,

the equinoxes were symbolically masculine

whilst the solstices were symbolically feminine?



The view inside one of the satellites,

complete with now reconstructed concrete ceiling.


The stone furthest from the entrance

looks like it has designs inscribed on it,

but it is far from clear.



The back of New Grange,

flush to the landscape,

is visible from the top of Knowth Hill.



As is the meandering Boyne.



And all this, too,

shall pass…


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