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County Meath, Sunday, 31st July 2022…



The dowdiest of the three Boyne Monuments

but, in some ways, the friendliest.


No time restrictions,

no imminent threat

of film-show dread,

no waiting bus,

full of chattering strangers…


Just the site itself

and Ireland’s wild, wild nature.


The mythology for this site tells of a druid

and his sister spelling the sun to shine

while all the men of Ireland

were engaged in its construction.



When the two magicians slept together

the spell was broken, and darkness descended.


Coitus and these sites,

it seems, are inextricably linked.


As are familial relations –

Angus and Englec at Knowth.


Perhaps, then, the Dagda and Elcmair

are related in some way as well?


Familial relations in mythology

often signify a psychological shift

or a ‘stepping down’ in consciousness…


In Cornwall the skeletal remains of such sites

are known as ‘Giant Quoits’.


There is here though, also,

an overt indication that magic was used

in the actual construction of the site itself.



Dowth, then, is still relatively undisturbed

although ‘tomb raiders’ did

gouge out a huge cavity

in the top of the mound.



Thankfully, to only superficial effect.


The passage-ways remained undiscovered

and the ‘vandalism’ only served

to render the site ‘volcanic’.


Where it not for such destruction Dowth

would be the tallest of the three mounds

in the Boyne Valley Complex.



The alignment is to the midwinter

setting sun, as a prelude to the longest night,

although, that eventuality is now obscured by tree growth.


Had we not previously

seen her reconstructed sister sites

the kerb-stones could

easily have gone un-recognised.



There are though un-mistakeable sun wheels

on the bottom right, centre, and left

of this kerb-stone.



And a very faded one,

top right.


Imagine discovering something like this

out in the field when everyone else thinks it’s a hill

littered with a few glacial erratics!




With this thrilling thought

at the fore-front of our mind

we took our leave of the Boyne Valley

and headed for the Hill of Tara.


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