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Sheela’s Mystery Solved?

County Meath, Sunday, 31st July 2022…



Perhaps, like the ‘tomb raiders’ at Dowth,

we are looking for treasures

of the wrong kind, in the wrong place?


She’s at the base of the stone on the right


There is a famous


on one of the stones at Tara.


Stone on the left, here.


It is reputed to be the oldest such carving

in the whole of Ireland.


And is now, possibly, best

seen from a distance

rather than up close.



These stones, which now stand

in the graveyard of the on site church,

like the ‘king stone’,

have been moved from their

original positions in the main precincts of Tara.



Legend has it, that at one time,

candidates for the kingship

were expected to maneuver

their chariot between the two stones.


View from inside the ‘Mound of Hostages’ before the grill was put in.


Which if they could not, probably

meant that ‘our Sheela’,

a manifestation of the sovereignty

of the land of Ireland itself,

was in some way preventing them,

by withholding her favour.


The Whispering Spring


“What did they say,

oh, what did they say?”


They said, “she is not a Sheela-na-Gig

she is a Sheela-na-Jig!”



So, not all that profound, then?


Well, that depends on your perspective…



Tour: Neil Mcdonald’s Megalithic Tours.

With thanks to:

Special Guest Guide: Thomas Sheridan

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