Albion, Art, mythology, Stuart France

Fate of the Lir-Brood: Eve…


Our bed now rock of dripping-caves

Our lullaby a thunderous roar of waves

Royal-couches once our sleepy heads did press

And every night the harpist’s art, caress.


…”Submit to the king, choose a wife from his fosterage and gain his friendship for ever.”

So went the message sent to Lir at Sidhe Finnaha.

Lir immediately set out with fifty chariots and reached Red-Lake by sunset.

The next day the three daughters of Aillil were brought

and sat on the same couch as their king and queen.

“They are all three beautiful,” said Lir, “I choose the eldest and noblest.”

Eve and Lir were wedded that self same day.


In course of time Eve bore Lir twins.

A daughter, Finnola and a son, Aedh.

But when she was brought to birth a second time

and produced twin sons called, Fiachra and Conn, she did not survive.

An anguish of pain for Lir and to his death from grief he would have succumbed

were it not for love of his four children.

The household of Red-Lake raised three shouts of lamentation when they heard.

When the mourning was over Red-Bove spoke, “we grieve for our foster daughter, Eve,

and for the good man to whom we gave her.

Our acquaintance shall not be ended by this,

for I shall give Lir her sister to wife, my second foster child, Eva.” …



to be continued…

6 thoughts on “Fate of the Lir-Brood: Eve…”

      1. This is all very interesting because what I notice is that a lot of things are not connected yet, but I think this is my tiny mind and its trying to capture everything I read and puzzle about and then somehow magically tie it all together so that there is this “body of knowledge” as it were that I can go back to and feel that somehow everything is related to everything else. I wonder if this is just me or are all the things we are learning sort of disconnected in a way, but in some other way perhaps connected? None of this probably makes sense to anyone else, and I am not sure I can even explain why that seems essential to me somehow. Brain denseness?

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