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Just saying…


There is another possibility with all this…


If the construction of the ‘wonder-hills’

were undertaken as rituals

then, mythologically speaking

the ‘day’ would have been regarded

as re-created which means actually, created,

because that is precisely what ritual is designed to do.


The ruse reiterations in the myths attached

to these constructions still read

and sound like ritual rubrics.


Which, in and of itself, is quite amazing.


‘A night and a day is for all time

for what is all time made up of

if not nights and days?’


Incidentally, this sounds more like it refers

to the mound at Knowth, which measures,

or ‘creates’, nights and days of equal length,

rather than New Grange, and if it does so refer,

it would clear up the discrepancy in ‘the threes’ we noted earlier.


In this scenario then, the construction

of New Grange itself would have

to have been accomplished in just nine months.


A start date for construction

of the spring equinox

would give the requisite finish date.


Current archaeological estimates of construction times

for such monuments runs into many years

rather than a mere matter of months.


So, what kind of people could

build such a monument in nine months flat?


Very big people

could do it in that time span.



‘Giant’s Chair’ – Castlerigg, Cumbria.


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