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A nameless shadow flits across the face of Science.

The Theory of Evolution has not been proven.

The ‘missing links’ for each species have not come forth from the fossil record.

The constituent parts of our DNA have proven far older than the Earth itself.

They can only have come from deep, deep-space.


Yet, in one sense, we have always been here.

Each catastrophic cataclysm endured has been but a pruning.

A clarion call to new growth.

The ushering in of the previously overlooked.

Those ekers out of existence.

The unassuming, unsung, survivors.


But if our very make-up

forestalls the evolutionary leap,

then who, or what, makes it?


We must turn to Memory for our answer.

We all know how she works.

She, too, is a gardener.


She cuts, and she prunes, and she grafts.

She contracts, or shrinks, both time and space.

And has a mind only for the outstanding.


The memorable is, precisely, in this sense, a cut above.

And where there are gaps in the narrative of her mind?

She fills them in…

She creates… new species.


This is how ‘our’ planet…



Pieces of Nietzsche: A Thinker’s Bias

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Friedrich Nietzsche, philosophical and psychological genius of the nineteenth century, in his book, ‘Beyond Good and Evil’, presaged the breakdown of the Western Aristocratic ruling elite and the irresistible forces that led to two catastrophic world wars. This new poetic interpretation of his master work teases out still relevant lines of thought for the reappraisal of our rapidly disintegrating current world order.

The question of value goes to the heart of who we are, what we are and why we think we are here… A tendency to make certain assumptions about our environment appears to be intrinsic to our nature, yet the meaningful existence we crave can only ever be granted by a ‘higher power’ which we now seem loathe to recognise outside of ourselves… We have always looked to those best qualified to answer our most fervent questions but what if they too have fallen foul of the ‘Auction-House of Things’… And what of the Beyond?



20 thoughts on “Amnesia…”

  1. Amazing. Love the gardening metaphors, particularly Memory as gardener. Regardless of those gaps in the fossil record, here we are. Your words here reminded me of Edith Cobb’s “The Ecology of Imagination in Childhood”, her examination of the role of the interaction of play in nature and later “genius”. She said that
    ““evolution” must be taken literally- that is as a “true metaphor”, a description of an experiential continuation of nature’s own strivings toward a transcendence of biological levels through culturally elaborated relations with the environment.”
    You might find her work interesting. This link is too a comprehensive article that was published prior to the book.

    Click to access Edith-Cobb-The-Ecology-of-Imagination-in-Childhood-1959-1.pdf

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