Discovering Albion

Hundreds of years before the birth of the Christian era, the island that we now call Britain was known as Albion. The name recalls the legendary race of giants who once lived here, in what was seen as a ‘blessed isle’.

Today, legends and folklore preserve the mysteries of the past, stone circles and ancestral tombs dot the landscape and medieval churches recall a time when both the reverence of the Old Ones and the new dispensation of Christianity shared a place within the heart of the land and its people.

Join us as we journey through the ancient and sacred landscape of Albion…

Click the links below to access the stories of some of our travels and workshops in the landscape.

Discovering Albion: Exploring the North, January 2015

From Yorkshire to Wales, through Cumbria and across Scotland to where the snow stopped progress… then back through the wild moorlands of Yorkshire to the stunning finale of Selby Abbey… a first odyssey, that began to teach us how to listen to the quiet voice of the land.


Going West: A Journey to the Heart of Wales, Summer 2016

Join us as we explore the marvels of mediaeval carved stone at Kilpeck, the majesty of St Davids, the wild beauty of the Pembrokeshire coast… and the many ancient mysteries in stone left by our forefathers.


Circles Beyond Time: Seeking the Seer ~ September 2016

Exploring the intimate sacred landscape of Derbyshire and the great stone circle of Arbor Low.


Solstice of the Moon… Inverurie September 2017

From the ancient mysteries of recumbent stone circles and Pictish stones in Scotland, to a strange tunnel on the Yorkshire Moors… travel with us through some of the most beautiful countryside to some of the most awe-inspiring sites…

A Thousand Miles of History… Summer, 2018

From Templar heads to Camelot, from giants and wishing trees to mysterious stones… A journey through Somerset to Dorset and on to Cornwall and the West Country.


North-Easterly ~ A Journey Through Northumbria September 2018

From the castles of the Northumbrian coastline, to Holy Island… and from the singing stones of Duddo to the tallest standing stone in the land… come and explore the history and sacred sites of the north-east of England..

Dreaming Stones… Summer 2019

Two and a half thousand miles through the north of England to the Highlands, to the wild beauty of the Isle of Skye, the Outer Hebrides and the stones of Callanish, and on to a final grace at one of the ancient stone circles of Cumbria.