“Find the path…and stay on it.”

It all began at Uffington, on a visit to Wayland’s Smithy… or maybe it had really begun somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales, with the giants we could both see in the hills. It is not every day that you meet someone with a world-view as tangential as your own.

Or perhaps it had begun in the shadows of long ago, as a current moving unseen through our lives that carried us to where we needed to be. Parallel lives in a curved infinity, meeting at a point of inevitability.

Wherever it began, the journey continues…


Amazon review:

Although this is a fictional representation of what might have been the story and myth from several millenia ago, it is an excellent work, and provides wonderful insight into the mythology, and what it probably meant to the ancient Egyptians. Highly recommended reading.


Charles F. Stowell on “The Osiriad”

Alethea Kehas, author of “A Girl Named Truth“, on “The Osiriad”.

I was pulled into Sue’s book with her opening lines and hardly put it down until I was finished reading it a day after I began. Sue is gift story-teller, and her knowledge of ancient lore, as well as the ancient, eternal wisdom of “Truth,” is apparent in this book. The writing in The Osiriad is lyrical and flowing, told through the narrative voice of Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Magic. While reading it, I could not help but feel the energy of Isis flowing through the words. It was magic. A must read for anyone drawn to the ancient wisdom of Egypt, which brings us all home to the truth that is Love.

Alethea Kehas on “The Osiriad”