Albion, Art



Did Turpin’s Troupe

Drop him

Deep in the Soup?


That Devil’s cast of scallywags

and wild-haired, grinning hags…

who still adorn the plastered walls

in glory’s glossy prima-face.

There now to tease and please

the local populace.


And tell their tales of times

much less genteel

when stench and reek

roamed every wayward street.


But how, to climb up an’ out

the grime of fetid mire

where every winsome wench

would rightly kiss and tell…?


Black Jake, alas

went on the make…

and now he’s hoisted higher

than ol’ church spire…

where we’ll watch him fry in hell.


4 thoughts on “‘Cadged’?…”

  1. You had me a ‘Cadged.’ Seriously, I thought I misread it at first. Then I thought it was misspelled. Then I looked it up. By the end, I’d found a new word friend and I appreciate the imagery of President Trump hoist on the petard of his angry horde. (If I have mangled my understanding of the poem, I apologize. I can only see the world through the current grim lens of what’s happening in Washington D.C. Let’s hope someone wipes the view clean and we can see the world in a better, brighter light soon.)

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