For my sister



We wore the grey together long ago,

Just children, with the sun upon our face,

Who walked the silence of the hallowed halls

And touched the echo of a future grace.


We wore the blue together you and I,

Our feet upon the shores of vanished lands,

Where seeds were planted firmly in our hearts,

A tiny spark amid the shifting sands.


We wore the red together for a time,

Our bodies altars to a greater Love,

Drawing healing from the inmost Earth

Igniting it with Fire from Above.


We wore the white together life on life,

And searched the halls of knowledge on our quest,

And learned a little wisdom on the way,

Enough to feed the star-seed in our breast.


We wear the black together for a while,

Lives touching, intertwining, once again.

A rainbow bridge between us spans the Earth

Sharing, still, our laughter and our pain.


We’ll join the Light together at the end,

Our rainbow journey done, our work achieved.

When, incandescing, in a final blaze,

We’ll be consumed by what we have believed.

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