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Dear Don: Romans…

scotland trip jan 15 247Dear Don,

Seems a bit daft writing when I will probably see you before you get this, but you know what my memory is like… except for ‘useless’ information.

We really are going to have to go back up north… and this time via Hadrian’s Wall. If it hadn’t been for the snow we could have gone that way on the Scottish trip. Still, I’d like to show you the Mithraeum up there. Miles from nowhere and very little to actually see, of course… but you will feel it. The landscape wraps around it somehow.

Carrawburgh: image source
Carrawburgh: image source

There are other Roman remains all the way along… now, now… we are going to have to look at some Roman stuff at some point, you know. Just to put everything else in context. But I promise we won’t go looking for non-existent roads again like we did in North Yorkshire.

It’s weird really. The Romans, just like the Normans, the Saxons… all invaders, yet there seems to be a separateness about the Legions. They marked the land by imposition, cutting through it rather than embracing it, I suppose. Even though the others imposed their will on the people, they do seem to have been more in sympathy with the land itself. Perhaps that is why we don’t ‘feel’ their relevance in the same way as we feel the ghosts of the others. They came, they saw, they conquered… then left again. And that’s without the whole Anglesey massacre…

Anyway, if we do go up to the Temple of Mithras, we could always call at a few of the other sites we have mentioned… there are a couple more crosses we need to see, including the one with Loki. And that’s not so far… only at Kirkby Stephen… And there is the Loki at Middleton too. You know, the church that was closed outside Pickering?

Image: Geograph
Kirkby Stephen – Image: Geograph

I keep getting the urge to go to the British Museum too… though I’m not sure why. I keep finding good reasons to visit, but what is really pulling me I’m not sure. But it is ages since I was there…

By the way, the Beast hopes you enjoyed the copy of the new book anyway. Whether you liked it or not.

The Beast further asks me to mention who amongst us gets all theani 001 fan mail…

The Beast may be in big trouble… (even if it is perfectly true…)


Wen and Anu x