Making Tracks

Novemebr 6th 2012…

Over the past year there has been a great paring back of the details of my life. Almost everything I had held as a given part of my life’s structure, all the familiar things and people, many that I loved and thought I needed in my days have been gently but firmly withdrawn, in joy or heartache, to make space for I knew not what.

I wrote to a friend last Christmas that I had the feeling this year would be a momentous one. I had the sense that things were moving and about to change. Gradually I began to see a pattern within it, and realised that I stood at a crossroads. I just couldn’t read the signposts.

However, over the years I have learned to trust these things, and sometimes there is a purpose behind them that simply requires an acceptance. Sometimes it requires more than that. A commitment to that purpose that is moving in an unseen current beneath the surface. A willingness to be and to give what is required to serve a higher design.

My personal dedication to serve the Light was made decades ago, in blithe but sincere innocence, long before I understood what that could entail or might require. I served at the Hearth fire, and thought that simplicity would be all that was ever asked.

There comes a moment, I think, in every life, where we stand, like the Fool, on the edge of a precipice. We can hold to the safety of the familiar… indeed, it seems that at this point the familiar life tries to cling about one like a shadow and draw one back to perceived safety. Indeed, only last night I was given an opportunity to step back into a haven of familiarity, relative security and normality.

But the reverberations of choice ripple across the aether as the tiny pebble of one’s life is thrown into the Waters of Creation.

It is at these moments that the realisation comes that one stands precisely where one is meant to be at this point in time, where the roads spread out behind, bearing witness to the choices one has made in the past, and the possibilities loom before one’s feet like a great chasm, or a doorway through which one cannot see.

It is a scary thing to leave behind that which one has known and step outside the expected pattern of life. But sometimes, just sometimes, we are given a brief glimpse of the need within the design. It is this need that has propelled us into the journey to build the school. One that has cut the ground of familiarity from beneath our feet and sent us out in search of that purpose, questioning many things we had felt were so ingrained as to be unchangeable, questioning methods and beliefs we hold dear, surprised quite frequently by what we find when we strip the veils of familiarity from our eyes and look afresh at what we have cherished.

We take ‘accept nothing’ as our watchword and seek to live what we will teach. We too are students, learning as we journey into this unfamiliar landscape, leaving tracks in the sand that others may follow. We have stepped out of the mould to place our feet on the path ahead, for one cannot complete a journey until one has taken that first step…

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