Ma Quête


J’ai cherché sans te trouver,
Dans les étoiles qui scintillent
Et les ténèbres profondes
Sans te voir.
Je te croyais fantôme,
Image de l’espoir,
Né du désire,
Ephémère comme la brume
Ou mon rêve.
Je ne savais pas
Que tu y étais déja,
Ame de mon âme
Qui m’attendais
Au fond du cœur

I sought without finding

In the shimmering stars

And the deep shadows

And saw you not.

I thought you a phantom,

Image of hope,

Born of desire,

Ephemeral as the mist

Or my dream.

I knew not

That you were already here,

Soul of my soul,

Waiting for me

In the depths of my heart.

9 thoughts on “Ma Quête”

  1. Beautiful!
    I had a reply in French all ready and couldn’t get logged in on my phone yesterday. Now, I’m on the computer and can’t do accent marks. Can’t win…
    Love you loads. This recalls the French poetry I studied in school. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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