Notes from a small dog: Squeaky clean

stats 40015Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten the ball. Maybe if I hadn’t chewed it in bits she wouldn’t have put it in the bin. What if I’d just thrown it for her instead? I should have buried the evidence under the sofa cushions….

It’s yellow and squeaks. Well, it did. Till I took the squeaker out. I sort of had to take the rest of it apart then to see why it wouldn’t work anymore. It’s all my fault. Now I’ve broken it and it is gone. I should have been more careful. I loved that ball.

stats 40019And then there was the gardening… I was only trying to help, checking the roots, just to make sure the plants were doing okay… oh, and digging up the bone I’d forgotten about… It’s not my fault the mud sticks in my paws! I did my best to clean them on the nice cream sofa, but she insisted on putting me in the bath. I didn’t mind the mud…

Now I smell like a girl. Well, yes, I am a girl… but I’m a dog. I’m not supposed to smell of flowers.

She put the bone in the bin too. Then she went out and left me.

stats 3989I felt really miserable after that. I just curled up all damp in my bed. Couldn’t even be bothered to bark at the pigeon through the window. I felt really hurt about losing my things, things I loved (even if I had left the bone outside for months and forgotten about it..). Then she laughed at me in the bath… just ‘cause she likes it, doesn’t mean I do… Then she left me, alone, humiliated and missing my favourite ball.

I’ve never been so unhappy.

I know there are other balls in the toy box, but they are not the same. They just don’t do it for me. They don’t squeak. She was ages too… I got so bored I thought about chewing her slippers, just because she was so long, but I’d probably done enough damage and it wouldn’t really make me feel any better.

Just as I was dropping off to sleep I heard the car. I dragged myself to the door to greet her. A girl has to do her duty after all.She came in with a shopping bag. It smelled like dinner. There were some other smells in there too though. Almost familiar…

I sat and waited, all dejected, till she put the bags down and came to give me a cuddle. She said how pretty and shiny I looked. That cheered me up a bit. She even got on the floor with me and cuddled me properly, putting her face in my fur. Maybe smelling like flowers has its upsides after all. And all the spare itchy fur had been brushed out too. It feels nice.

She went off to unpack the shopping. My cuddles always come first. I followed her into the kitchen, and she just stood there, smiling at me. Something behind her back squeaked!

It squeaks :-)
It squeaks 🙂

Well I just sat right down, putting my head to one side, trying to work it out. It squeaked again. She was laughing and showed me what it was… not just a squeaky ball, but a CAT squeaky ball! Oh, joy!!!

She threw it for me, and I had a high old time squeaking it solidly for the next hour. It must be because she had her own puppies that she can ignore the noise. I did my best. It squeaks really loud…Then she gave me the new bone…. all stuffed with tripe too. And the empty plant pot to play with!

It just shows you.I'm a lion

Just when I was feeling so miserable, blaming myself for what I’d lost through being daft and careless, all upset because I thought she’d been horrible to me too. Suddenly, when I was least expecting it, something new and even better comes along. Not that I’m going to risk it again though. There’s no guarantees she’ll do that again.

I’ll be more careful this time.

I mean, the ball might wear out or something, I do have teeth, you know.

But I can try not to chew it to death at least.

I’m a lion





13 thoughts on “Notes from a small dog: Squeaky clean”

  1. I don´t like baths either but after we run on the beach, we have to have a bath to get rid of the sand and lovely beachy smells. I especially love rolling on the dead fish and the seaweed. But apparently, we smell better after the bath. Hang in there, Ani. Glad you got a new squeaky toy. Dot and little Lia.


  2. Adorable Ani, you have all the words. Your two-legses has taught you well. You see, even though you were stewing over the old ball, she was thinking about your loss and bought you a new one. You are blessed to have each other ❤ xx


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