Sartorial dreams

Image: Tumblr
Image: Tumblr

I want to be an emo-goth, or something of that ilk

And dress in flowing fripperies of velvet, lace and silk.

Or dark Victoriana of the Steampunk kind of thing,

With nicely whaleboned corsetry all tightened up with string.

I’d like to wear a brocade coat of military cut…

That style of dress inspires me to try it one day but

Aside from the expense a whole new wardrobe would entail

(And having reservations on the boning of a whale)

The corsetry’s uncomfortable and not for any fashion

Would I wish to be swooning, with a complexion gone ashen.

I wouldn’t mind the draperies that cover every sin up,

Let’s face it, I’ve got curves but I have never been a pin-up,

But velvet robes are not the thing for when you take the dog out

(Unless you want the witchy look and find a prince to frog-out).

And then again, I’m getting older and I might look silly

Just wafting down a village lane in something silk and frilly.

I’ve always gone for tailoring or snuggle-soft and woolly

That draped a bit discretely and disguised the odd bits fully,

I wouldn’t know quite where to start to get the right look going

And maybe I’m too short to really wear the long and flowing.

So really I have no idea just how to go about it…

I’d better stick to comfy clothes and carry on without it.

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