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Dear Don: Just Men…

CA Village and church (13)Dear Don,

“…but my race is of Heaven alone…”

The Waters of Lethe… only you could come up with such an obscure way of highlighting my forgetfulness the last week or so! Though knowing you it is a quote from something more contemporary…

The devil’s in it that the whole 666 theme keeps cropping up my end too… quite by chance. We really ought to look at that while we are on popular misconceptions…

CA Village and church (48)I can’t help thinking of Cerne Abbas with the whole body/perception thing, you know. The outer depictions so grotesque and yet the inner, with the hidden beauties of the wall paintings, even if it was another of our beheaded saints… the Baptist, if I recall… seems significant somehow, along with his entombment and the baptism of Jesus.

“We who found it are just men. Not gods. Not giants. Just men.”

CA Village and church (46)Well, one of us anyway.

By the way, did you know that the plant, St John’s wort, used for depression these days, bleeds red in August according to legend? They used to soak it in oil to make a chrism called the Blood Of Christ. Its old name was Fuga Daemonum (Scare Devil) and its modern Latin name of Hypericum means “over apparition”.

Yep, I’m full of useless information like that and even know that if your horse steps on the plant you will be carried away by the fairies … so its modern usage as an antidepressant should be no surprise.

lincoln bakewell 001 (118)I like the idea of St Michael’s spear being earthbound. Does that make St George’s spear its earthly manifestation, or is that the equivalent heavenward transformation, do you think?

The Beast has deigned to eat some chicken again. I was getting a bit concerned, you know.

Personally I think it is a an 002ploy… and I a pawn in the game.


Wen x