Philosophy, spirituality

Death of the Spirit…


The cult of unity on a political level is an idolatrous sham

of the religion of unity and its operation

on the personal and spiritual levels of the human psyche.


Totalitarian regimes justify their existence

by recourse to the philosophy of political monism.


The state, in effect,

acts as God on earth!


Unification under the heel of the divine state

serves as salvation and all means to such unification

are vindicated and unscrupulously utilised.


Political monism in practice leads to excessive power

and privilege for the few,

oppression and slavery for the many,

and hence to discontent at home and war abroad.


Excessive power fosters pride, greed, and vanity,

oppression breeds fear and envy whilst

war results in misery and despair.


All negative emotions are inimical to spiritual life.


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