Oh give me a li…


Oh give me a life on the open road!

With my dog and a caravan..

Just my books, paint and turps and a canvas..

And skin with a leathery tan.

Oh find me a place on a mountain!

Where the clouds can come down to play,

And the cold stream can ripple with laughter,

And no-one to find me all day.

Oh give me a hole in a hillside!

A warm, womb-like, bat ridden cave,

And skyclad I’ll dance in the moonlight,

I grow old, but why should I behave?

Oh show me a glade in the forest!

Where the fae and the sylphs still abide,

And in the grove dappled with sunlight,

I’ll stroke the white hart’s snowy hide.

Oh find me a desolate seashore!

Where I can commune with the sea,

And learn all the songs of the moon tides,

And finally learn to be me.

Oh give me the richness of cronehood!

For maiden and mother I’ve been,

I want to rewrite all my wrinkles

Before I sleep under the green.

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