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…A Month of Sundays: Survive.

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The Lady with the Lamp


… After first studying medicine with the Sisters of Charity,

Florence Nightingale later underwent formal training as a nurse

both in London and Edinburgh and then became

superintendant of a hospital in Harvey street, London.


Hearing of the terrible suffering of the sick and wounded

in the hospital at Scutari during the Crimean War she volunteered for service there.

A part of her heroic tale is the story of the struggle

of one who knows what is right against the inertia

and blind prejudice of bureaucracy.


Florence did in fact succumb to the fever

she had volunteered to fight.

She lay on the point of death for over a week yet survived.

There was meaning in her survival.

She established the principles and practices of modern nursing in England.


Of the three temporary hospitals which bear our heroine’s name,

one has nineteen patients, one stands empty and one has yet to be fully constructed.

It is difficult to shake the feeling that they were only ever conceived

in an attempt to rival similar achievements in China.

However, if they are still standing when the fast-tracked synthetic vaccine becomes

available then our fear beset general populace may justifiably start to worry…


What would ‘Our Aunt Flo’ make of it all I wonder?

I cannot help thinking of a phrase which includes the words ‘grave’ and ‘turning’.


There are free, natural antidotes to corona or any other virus:

they are known as exercise, fresh air and sunshine, in abundance!