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Coming Through


November 17th, 2012…

This week has been particularly busy with much new thought and material coming through.

And those two last words raise so many questions, of course.

We speak of things ‘coming through’ but what do we mean by this? It is hard to find the right words to explain it… even to ourselves sometimes. We speak here of a realisation that is deeper than mere thought. We spend lifetimes in study, engaging the brain and its processes, bringing them to bear on the abstract concepts of existence and creation.  We apply logic and meditation, we learn and collate information, perspectives and points of view. We assimilate the useful, discard the inappropriate and file what seems to be correct for our own understanding in the index of the mind. We can become bogged down in the acceptance of what we have learned, or watch it evolve and unfold like a flower.

Yet working for a contacted school requires a different approach. Instead of just thought, instead of a reaching outwards towards a line of reasoning, it is an opening inwards for inspiration. And it is imperative.

And yet another question is raised. What is a contact?

In all honesty, I am not sure I can truly answer that question. I can only tell what it feels like subjectively. It is a Presence in whose shadow we stand and learn. Whether this presence is seen as a Being, an Archetype, a divine Intelligence, as part of the psyche or the inner Self, or indeed as something quite different depends, perhaps, on perspective and semantics.

Whether it is seen as external or interior, in practical terms, does not seem to matter. What matters is the relationship one develops with it and the quality of the realisation that comes.

Working with contacts we tend to feel Them as distinct personalities, often taking on the form of an ancient god, created by the created to represent and embody a very real aspect of the divine forces, but animated and vivified for us by a spark of Light.

We can communicate… some do so in a very direct fashion, some simply feel the brush of a consciousness against their own and learn almost by osmosis. And every shade in between, it seems. Those familiar with occult thought will have heard of the mind touch, overshadowing, indwelling, perhaps… there are many terms that have been coined in an attempt to describe something that is ultimately intimate.

At the end, the method or names do not matter any more than the apparent form. It is a Knowing. An understanding that passes the bounds of thought or education, a certainty without references or footnotes. An unshakeable, life-changing conviction that proves itself in the living of it.

We clothe our contacts in forms we can understand and that are congenial to the nature of the forces They embody. For all practical purposes we see Them as individual characters. Yet it is not what They are. In fact, even in this we fall into an ever present error, marking a separation between Them and us, between the divine and man. For both They, whatever They are, and we, are but tiny refractions of Light in the multifaceted Jewel that is the One…



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