Eyes of the Dead…


Our own experiences at ‘The Gate of Youth’ have been very different.


‘You-Bee’ was the first of his generation to go…

And everybody else from that side of the family was there.

It would have been the first time that they had all gathered for over twenty years.

Weddings and funerals eh?

Only in this case, it had been an anniversary… Silver.


The first inkling that something was up, came on a comfort break.

The back-room of the Pub in which the Wake had convened was some sort of events-room.

The surrounding tables and chairs stacked and lining the walls.

The faint odours of old alcohol and floor polish.

At the far end of the room was a figure, a stranger, which turned out to be Dad?

The transformation from ‘stranger’ to father felt like some sort of withdrawal.


Back at the house, a young lad called ‘Faz’ turned out to be one of the stars.

A curious character, he looked to my eyes, to be

about fifteen-years-old or thereabouts, yet he could evidently drive,

and seemed to be helping ‘Ay-Em’ run things.


‘One of You-Bee’s oldest friends’ was how he was described.


‘He’s been around since we first moved in.’

How long?

‘Over thirty years.’

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