Art, Life

What do you see?


What can you see when you read me?

Do you see the wind in my hair

And my feet in the heather

And hear me laugh as the grouse rise?

Can you feel my awe as the storm breaks?

Hurtling overhead

As the old gods wage war

Amid the clouds?

When you looked, did you see the smile?

Painted in place for protection,

Hiding the scars on my face

And those in my heart.

Shrouded in false joy against questions

I could not answer

And would not face

That haunted me.

And deeper, behind the veil,

Could you see pain?

Laughter played its part

And hid my heart from prying eyes,

A place of my own to crouch in,

Behind a mask

Where few would look,

Or think to see.

Look deeper yet, for there was more.

Serenity hard won,

Balanced on a knife edge

Striving for equilibrium

Yet pulled and torn,

Twixt grief and joy.

Always searching


Now look again, for I have changed

A blade immolated

In a strange, new furnace

Emerging reforged

With a flame, a passion

Burning within.

Tell me, what can you see?

For I do not know.


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