Art, Life

What is love?

white light

What is love?
Is it the comfort of a touch when the night is cold?
Or knowing that whatever comes there is a hand to hold?
The feeling, too much for words, of togetherness
When heart speaks to heart in simple tenderness?
Is it the journey, day after day of small silly things
When each humble service is joy and your heart just sings?
Or one love, many-faceted, jewel-like, casting rainbows
Illuminating the dark and hidden places that lurk in the mind.
One love, ebbing and flowing through consciousness,
Pulsing with every heartbeat renewed with every breath.
One love, born of joy and shared humanity,
Grown in the womb of the Universe
Nurtured at Its breast.
One love, greater than fear, vanquishing death
With the white Light of immortality.
One love, unending and ceaseless
All that we are
Crystallised diamond-bright
In a single smile.


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