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Odin’s Ravens


As night draws in and silence comes, the door is locked, the curtains drawn

I am alone, the world recedes and sleeps until another dawn.

Yet in the quiet, midnight hour with feathers soft against my skin

Two ravens whisper in my ear, as Thought and Memory begin.


Within the darkness of their wings stir images, both dark and bright,

That dance within the secret heart and quiet hours of the night.

A past replayed, as on a screen, as tears and laughter, broken dreams,

And in their midst a single spark, a star of quiet beauty gleams.


Deep in its central molten core, from what has been the present grows,

A seed that reaches to the sun, and borrowing its light it glows

With inner glory, burning bright, with all the mornings yet to be,

The future’s flight caught in the quiet touch of Thought and Memory.

12 thoughts on “Odin’s Ravens”

  1. Brilliantly done. It takes repeat reading to get the full effect though. The habit of reading quickly from page to page is not one that enhances understanding. I was stopped and slowed by the imagery and backed up to revisit the words once more so I could appreciate them.

    I do love poetry’s ability to drag one’s focus off of ‘what comes next’ in an insistence that one ‘be present’ to the words before you. Perhaps that is poetry’s charm; one cannot appreciate it as if it were fast food.

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  2. It’s wonderful – and extraordinary – Sue that given your life circumstances you are still able to produce something of such beauty and perception as this. But then, knowing you, I suspect those very circumstances have contributed.


  3. A lovely way of putting it – “It is against the darkness that the colours shine.” It’s a thought we should all remember – and try to act on – in those times when things ‘go wrong’.


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