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My eyes watch in your heart, you know their colours,

Flags that fly emotions as a signal to the world,

A secret language you alone can read

Even when I close them. You do not forget.

You know each line and curve of lips,

You know their taste and torment,

Understand their passion

Even in my absence you will not forget.

You know my skin, remember how it quivered

At the thought of yours, and how it feels,

A yielding softness, pillowing your head

Upon my heartbeat, you cannot forget.

You know my heart, a secret archive

Of experience and dreams, fragile marble,

Galatea, finding life in love

With each shared could you forget.

I know your smile, the one that is my own,

That stripped the years away from you

And all your care, just children playing,

And your eyes laughing. I will remember.


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