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Secret, molten core

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I know so little of the world,

Save what there is to know in love.

I have not seen.

Yet you who have walked it

Do you know it?

Have you seen with eyes that see

The beauty of a morning?

Or a crocus pierce the snow,

Opening its heart

To the sun’s birthing?

Have you touched

The secret, molten core

That fire, glowing unregarded

In the inner self?

Ah Beloved,

In this faded room,

Where solitude holds silence,

Companionship a dreaming,

Here the world is mine,

Because I see it,

And I am free

Because I will it so.

The tides of passion

Wash around my feet,

I will not stand upon the shore

A mere observer

But will drown in them.

I have chosen.


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