Art, Life


northagain 110

Silent as the snowy mantle, falling through darkness

Unlooked for, to greet a pristine dawn;

Warm as the summer sun that sails the sky

In splendour, giving life and Light;

Wild as the storm wind sweeping the hilltop

Powerful, charged and renewing;

Soft as an angel’s kiss, bringing its blessings,

Ineffable, held in God’s hand;

Burning with fire, the passion of lovers,

Whitest flame, hearts incandescing;

Gentle as spring rain, life-giving softness

Like jewels, trembling on the web;

As vast as the ocean, deeper than the abyss

Ever-changing, yet constant in faith;

Beloved as Earth, home for a lifetime,

Dwelling within, sheltering our lives;

All I imagine, my deepest of dreams

The soul’s quest, I have found in you.


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