Saturday morning blues.. or reds

solo 088

My son said, ‘Happy accident?’

While looking all askance,

As sunlight streamed upon

The object of his startled glance.

The supermarket shoppers

Milling through the crowded hall,

Had also lifted eyebrows

At the bobbing fireball.

I’d wanted something coppery

With sunny summer hues,

But there were just too many packs

I couldn’t really choose.

I hummed and ha’ed and dithered

Till I had a choice of two,

But wasn’t  really in the mood

And just thought ‘This will do.”

Now something like a lion’s mane,

In such a vivid red,

Defies control and radiates

In flames around my head.

The moral of this story, girls,

Is one both deep and true..

Never purchase hair dye

When you feel a little blue.


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