Albion, Don and Wen


silbury and west kennet (40)

There have been a lot of low-flying kites this week… very low flying. Teasing me when the camera isn’t to hand. One swooped in to feed from the garden next door when I was at my son’s yesterday.. another banked in low over my garden earlier today when I was rescuing the ball for Ani… yet another flew very low over the car on my way in this morning. Sometimes you think they are trying to tell you something. And in this case, they did.

There had been the usual exchange of cryptic emails earlier. If any official body were ever to intercept some of them we’d be hauled off and locked in the Tower… or Bedlam. There are frequent references to beheadings, the odd bloodbath or mass burning… and a macabre ‘slaughter seems a bit drastic without references’ the other day. That is without mentioning the technically heretical interpretations of ancient wisdom which make me thankful the Inquisition went out of business a while back. When a hitherto unknown word landed in the inbox this morning it was, therefore, no surprise, that it led to a detached head, via Dionysus and St Denis… whose head was also detached… and back to stone circles.

I was thinking about it as the bird flew down, and wondered again about what they were trying to tell me… and then, of course, it dawned… and the air in the car went blue with assorted expletives of astonishment and realisation. It made perfect sense.

As soon as I could the email went off from the uncooperative phone… only to find that a very similar thought from a different perspective had wandered through the mind on the other end the night before. So I have a pretty good idea where the conversation will be headed this weekend!

And ye gods and little fishes, I need to get away from this computer. I have spent the past ten days almost exclusively at the desk, with breaks to go to work and walk the small dog, and my neck is telling me it needs to move. It would help if it was a desk, not a recycled Welsh dresser, of course… then things like height and depth and leg room might come into play. It would also help if there was any cushioning to this chair… which is a beautiful piece of visual design, but certainly not designed to be sat in for extended periods. Believe me! Health and safety would have a hissy fit. Though if it would flatten my stomach as well as it is flattening other parts of my anatomy I wouldn’t complain…

A weekend of School and Book stuff is planned… with the purely medicinal addition of the odd pub, a bit of history and a lot of hills…and maybe a glass of wine or two. There are few things nicer than when want and need decide to collide.

So, the car is washed, the bag packed, the dog ready to go on her playdate with her friends… now I just have a painting to finish, a meditation to write and the blog to organise for the next few days… and we have Giants Dance to finish editing too.

Oh? You thought I was going to tell you this morning’s revelation? Nope … sorry… you’ll just have to wait till Doomsday … and we’ve barely begun to write it yet.

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