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There is mystery upon mystery here.

We can begin to see why the Bards of Erin

might have been so enamoured of these stories.

They would certainly have ‘nutted out’ the names

of Abraham’s man servants…


In this vein, though, history may be set against us.

We will probably never be able

to give you a date for

Abraham’s sojourn in Moriah,

but we might well be able to tell you what day it was!


At the time this story was first told,

which was a long time before it found itself in the pages of a book,

the divinity of the people who later styled themselves Hebraic

was still seven-fold, as their seven-branched candlestick, the Menorah, will attest.


The binding… the knife… the ram…

are all clues to help ascertain

which of the seven aspect’s of the god-head appeared to Abram.


It was the God of War!

So, it must have been a Tuesday.


By the time this story did find its way into a book,

Abraham’s God had become something very different…