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In the bluebell wood


I have a friend from the US staying with me for a few days. A few years ago she told me she had never seen a bluebell wood in flower. This time, the timing of her visit was perfect…


There is a little wood, not too far from my home, where the bluebells flower, carpeting the earth with the colour of the sky and the fragrance of heaven.


Photographs can never capture the beauty and emotion of these truly magical places. You have to be there and walk the pathways between the flowers.


Here and there, the white stars of wild wood anemones brighten the shadows. Today the sky was clouded… a few flakes of snow fell… and the earth and sky seemed closer than ever, joined by the tall beech trees in a single dance.


So today we went to the woods and we walked amongst the bluebells and the beeches, sharing the magic.


Today my friend and I truly walked in beauty.


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