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Notes from a small dog – desperate measures

ani 005


I checked out the recycling bin,

Made sure the tubs were clean,

Her words on that occasion though

Were little short of mean.

I didn’t eat the fish food,

‘Cause I couldn’t lift the lid,

I would’ve eaten all the treats,

But don’t know where they’re hid.

The stuff she put out for the birds

Was pretty tasty though…

I figured if I got there quick

She’d probably not know…

It’s not my fault, I’m hungry, see

I’m thin and getting thinner…

What else was I s’posed to do?

She’s late* getting my dinner!


dog cows grasshopper 005

*Editor’s note: Five minutes doesn’t count…

                      Author’s note: Leave the fridge open for five minutes and we’ll see…

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