Albion, Art, TOLL


clayton 047


I was beneath the treetops when the rain came,

Sheltered by the whisper of the beeches

And great oaks,

Leaves unfurling,

Copper and green

In the springtime.


clayton 026


I was by the water when the light flared,

Silvering the surface as it rippled.

Rhythmic waves,

Eternal ebb and flow,

Mirroring the heavens

On the shoreline.


clayton 054


I was in the sunlight when the wind blew,

Whipping through my hair and in the heather.

Holding me,

Ephemeral embrace

In my wandering

On the hillside.


heather 2015 1


I was above the sunset when the tears came.

Higher than the seagulls’ plaintive calling,

Not lonely,

In solitude and grace

My heart flew with you

To your horizon.


revelation 3 252


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