Going West: A Final Glimpse

Wales 267


We were much later than planned leaving St Davids. All of us had a long way to go before we would be home as we had come together from the far-flung corners of the land. The weather was foul, with heavy sea-mist and rain making driving difficult so we chose the back roads instead of the motorway… it would take longer, but be less unpleasant… and we might even get a final glimpse of mountains if the fog ever lifted. And it did, just briefly, showing us places that at any other time would have demanded that we stop. As it was, it was late into the evening and night was drawing in before we got home.




It has taken weeks to share our impressions of the Silent Eye’s weekend workshop in Wales and even now, we have barely scratched the surface. It seems incredible that we manage to pack so much into these weekends… and yet, we do not rush, taking whatever time the place itself demands to experience it and sharing time to talk.




Communication is at the heart of these weekends… with each other, with the endless thread of history and human thought and with the landscape itself. A leisurely pace rules and time itself seems to sleep, allowing us to step outside of its constraints, freeing us from the hammer of the minute hand for a little while and allowing us just to be where and when we are. And then it is onward… and often upwards… towards the next adventure…


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