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Dear Don: Heaven ‘n’ Earth…

Dear Don,

The more you look back, the more you see of the origins of so many of our traditions and mythologies… all rooted in the same, very human, questions.

I like ‘enchanting the mind’.

I wonder if our desire to physically reach the stars is not just a degeneration of a higher ideal… in the same way as we now generally take the old tales as being meant literally…  which just makes them impossible fairytales… instead of seeking the deeper and inner meaning?

Analysing the myths, in the same way as you are doing with the film, opens so many doors…as you know better than I.

Jason’s Golden Fleece was a symbol of royalty, according to the mainstream interpretations. I wonder if ‘sovereignty’ might be a better word… although it is more likely that asserting the right to kingship should be taken even less literally.

I too have fond memories of ‘Jason and the Argonauts’…especially the sequence where Aeëtes sows the teeth of the slain Hydra and they become armed skeletons. A nice bit of animation given the era.

The Hydra was the Guardian of the Golden Fleece and, although I think the film only showed seven, it was usually said to be nine-headed… which accords well with ‘our’ system.

I’d like to read what Graves has to say on the subject…

And I might have to relive a bit of childhood and watch the film again too. Just for fun.

The Foul Fell Fetcher is currently stalking a pigeon.

I don’t know about heaven on earth, but I guarantee all hell is about to break loose…


Wen x


Joining Don & Wen

Stuart France & Sue Vincent

Don and Wen, two friends living hundreds of miles apart embark, all unwittingly, upon a quest through the ancient and sacred landscape of Albion…

The two share a passion for these prehistoric sites, seeing that their potential has not been erased by time, making them as vital and relevant in today’s society as they always were.

Through Don and Wen’s correspondence, learn how to read the clues hiding within the landscape and in the symbols of faith left by our forefathers in the mediaeval churches, stone circles and ancient monuments.

This is the second book in the series, ‘Finding Don and Wen’, but can stand alone. The book may act as a guide to show the reader how to engage with the land in a meaningful way… and how that engagement opens you wide to life in all its glory.

Available for Kindle and in Paperback

via Amazon UK, and worldwide

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