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The Riddle of the Initiate

The Song of Seven Veils

…From Heart to Head a Lay…


My First is sinuous, scaly and smooth

It is found in lake but not in love,

what is below is like that above…


My Sixth lies at sea and in

the depths of the night, it is hard

to engender this spark of light.


My Second twinkles on high and

stands proud in the earth, this double

entendre is light strewn when birthed.


My Fifth is a man-child

forgotten by time, adrift on

a lotus… the flowering kind.


My Third is fire-bright and

flies like a flash, it is feathery

too, forever rising from ash…


My Fourth is hawk borne

and can teach us to fly it is

also known as the Silent Eye.


…From Head to Heart, a Way…

In Loving Light


Will you solve the riddle of The Initiate?