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Pieces of Nietzsche by Stuart France

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The desire for Truth.

That ‘temptress to risk’.

The veracity which all ‘lovers of wisdom’ revere.


What questions this desire calls forth!

What weird and wicked queries!


Such an enterprise already has history

but feels like it began yesterday.


Before we lost patience

and turned our back to the Chimera of Enquiry

we stumbled upon an ‘angle’…


Who really stands before us and asks?

Who wants to know?


Over this hurdle we toiled, to climb,

and at its summit we saw before us yet another more basic obstacle…


What value has such desire?

Would not a lie suffice just as well?


We held up a mirror to the face of our Chimera

and suddenly we knew neither querent nor savant.


It is this stand-offish Truth,

which plays, now, like a frown,

over the brows of our New Europe.


Should we hazard to smooth that brow for her?


Friedrich Nietzsche, philosophical and psychological genius of the nineteenth century, in his book, ‘Beyond Good and Evil’, presaged the breakdown of the Western Aristocratic ruling elite and the irresistible forces that led to two catastrophic world wars. This new poetic interpretation of his master work teases out still relevant lines of thought for the reappraisal of our rapidly disintegrating current world order.

The question of value goes to the heart of who we are, what we are and why we think we are here… A tendency to make certain assumptions about our environment appears to be intrinsic to our nature, yet the meaningful existence we crave can only ever be granted by a ‘higher power’ which we now seem loathe to recognise outside of ourselves… We have always looked to those best qualified to answer our most fervent questions but what if they too have fallen foul of the ‘Auction-House of Things’… And what of the Beyond?

Pieces of Nietzsche: A Thinker’s Bias

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