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Lizard Men…



It is night and I cannot sleep.

Jed cannot sleep either.

I can hear him turning in his bed but I do not speak.

Steve is asleep.

It must be about three in the morning.

There are strange voices outside my window and a knock at the back door.

I wait for Jed to get it, which he does, eventually.

I listen to the conversation – two guys in search of some ‘American chick’-

Jed eventually convinces them that she is not inside.

I wish she was and play with that thought for awhile.

Jed climbs back into his bed.

There are strange voices on the other side of the apartment
and then… a knock at the front door.

I start to laugh.

Jed sighs and goes to the door.

They go through the whole rigmarole
again practically word for word as I resort
to suppressing my laughter in the pillow.

Jed eventually convinces them for the
second time that she is not in our apartment.

“Didn’t they recognise you?”

“Maouri – albinos – both of them,” says Jed by way of explanation.

“Twin albino Maouri – are you having me on?”

A glint in Jed’s eye.

“I was tormenting that lizard, this afternoon, the white one.”…

“I knew it was for you.”



Caravan to Cairns

Stuart France

Two young men, a road trip across the Australian Outback, strange encounters in isolated settlements… and a book that will change one of them forever.

From the harsh heat of the dusty road to the cool of the Temple, two stories… one immediate, one timeless… intertwine to illuminate each other.

Many scholars believe that the Gospel of Thomas preserves a glimpse into the oral tradition of the Essenes. The book is a collection of sayings, parables and dialogues attributed to Jesus. In this unique interpretation author and essayist, Stuart France brings the oral tradition to life, retelling the Gospel in his own words, in the way it may have been told around the hearth-fires of our fore-fathers.

Accompanied by in-depth comments which draw upon the Mystery School Tradition, The Living One provides a new window on an age-old story.

“… fascinating and unique …”  Amazon review

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