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Dear Don: End Game?…

Dear Don,

When you think about it, it is always the smallest of things, hidden, often in plain sight, often in unprepossessing or insignificant form, that hold the keys to the Mysteries.

A single seed floating on the wind, an acorn held within its chalice… acres and seasons of flowers, generations of forests, all encapsulated in the dun coat of apparent mediocrity.

Is that not why this life is such a good teacher?

Ganesh has been coming up a lot lately. As a remover of obstacles and god of new beginnings, his presence is most welcome under the circumstances.

Perhaps post-war man should have got to know him better, and especially his symbolic mouse.

It is the overcoming of desire that frees us from the eternal round, they say. But how much does that lose in translation?  In English we overcome a foe… we seldom think to erase enmity by embracing it and accepting it for what it is. We have to fight our way out of conflicts we ourselves create, when a little loving acceptance would have the same effect with no stress.

Tell the daft animal that acts must be got together. I shall be home in the wag of a tail, one hopes….

… and this ‘new normal’ I was kicking against will have to be embraced.

Although this will be one of our own designing.

I may also be bringing home a fair selection of soapboxes…

The daft dog can hide in one if necessary.

Much love, always, Wen x