Life, Philosophy

For those whose world ends



December 21st 2012

According to my calendar, solstice occurs at 11:11 today. Unless I am very much mistaken the world is still here and those who have been predicting its end are wrong.  Let us hope those who see it as a turning point of change are not.

To mark that change, could we not start by sparing a thought for those whose world does end today? For those who lose a child, a parent, a friend or partner… those for whom the night has been long in vigil, or who wake to grief.

Think of those whose lives will be forever marked by this day and date and who will carry pain and loss into the festive season. Today the world will be shattered for many people, while the frivolity and jokes go on around them.

For them the world’s end will always have been today.

Hold them in your hearts.


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