Tangled Webs

Funny how things work out, sometimes.

One can begin from a seemingly random event and trace a whole journey back through the years, but we seldom see the map as we are travelling.

I can give you an example. Trawling the internet one day several years ago, I came across a blog where every post had depth and one of them spoke to me rather deeply. I explored further. The guy lived in mainland Europe, yet was born, like me, in the north of England. Like me, he too was a student of the esoteric and spiritual. And blow me down, a member of the same school.

So I emailed him on impulse. He sent me a copy of his book and we corresponded sporadically. I posted occasionally on his blog, Asteroth’s Domain, but there was no real reason to the friendship. It just was. Just a random event, it seemed.

Meanwhile, I was teaching through a forum a year or so later and came across a lovely young man in the USA. We became firm friends and I loved his bright mind and enthusiasm.

And was astonished to discover he was the son of my friend. Thousands of miles between the three of us, yet we had connected at a time when the mutual support we could give each other was critical.

One after the other we went through crisis and each of us was glad to have the others around.

The upshot, of course, was the publication of the Mystical Hexagram, a book based on Gary’s vision and which I co-wrote with him. But that is another long story all on its own and can be read elsewhere.

I now count him as one of my dearest friends, yet still we have never met. One day, I hope we will.

It is easy to see, looking back, how the threads of our lives intertwined in a random gathering of events. At the time things were simply led by impulse and intuition.

We get these feelings from time to time, the odd conviction that we ought to do something.. even when it seems out of character. I, for example, do not make a habit of pestering strangers by email, though in this case it led to a deep and lasting friendship, collaboration on a book and the bringing forth of new ideas we hope hold value for others as well as for ourselves.

I do not, to this day, know what prompted me to write that email, but whatever it was, I am glad I listened to my intuition. I would be the poorer in friendship had I not done so.

One of my favourite sayings is ‘follow your heart,’ it seldom leads us wrong, even though we often ignore it in favour of common sense. The heart, I think, has a wisdom our minds lack sometimes. Who knows where we could be tomorrow if we listen?

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