Art, Folk Tale, Trickster

The hand that feeds…


Man and Hare became great friends.

They were always getting into scrapes together

and getting scolded by their mothers.


One day Man said, “let us do away with our mothers,

then we shall be free.”

Hare was not so sure, so he took a knife

and stabbed it into a plant with red juice.


When Man came back boasting of his freedom,

Hare showed him the juice covered knife and claimed it was blood.

Man believed Hare because he never saw Hare’s mother again,

but Hare had put her up in the sky.

Every day she let down a rope and pulled Hare up to feed.


Man became hungry and was envious of Hare’s fat belly.

“Who’s feeding you,” he asked Hare.

“Oh, no one,” replied Hare.

But Man did not believe Hare.


Next day, Man followed Hare and hid, and listened…

He heard Hare calling softly, “Cast down the rope.”

And when Man looked Hare was climbing a rope into the sky.

Hare was gone quite some time and when he returned he was rubbing his belly.


Next day Man got up early went to the same spot

and called out softly, “Cast down the rope.”

Down came the rope…

When Hare came by he found the rope dangling.

Hare climbed into the sky and found his mother

and all her little ones save the runt, dead.

“Who has done this?” asked Hare.

“Your friend, Man,” answered the runt.

Hare went to his hut and wept.

“What’s up with you?” said Man.

“The sun is hurting my eyes,” said Hare.


Next day Hare went to Man and said, “You’re always very hungry,

so I have discovered a place where there is plenty of game.”

“Show me,” said Man.

“Lie there,” said Hare, “open your mouth and I shall throw it in.”

Man did as he was told.

Hare got red stones, heated them in a  pot

and threw them down Man’s throat.


And that, as they say, was the end of that.

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