Folk Tale, Trickster

Lion and Hare…


Lion lived in the forest.

Lion was invincible and the sole champion of the forest.

Whatever other creatures lived in the forest, Lion, killed and ate.


The animals of the forest came together and drew up a petition for Lion.

‘By killing us all at once you ruin your own interests.

We will send you one animal a day for your dinner.’

Lion agreed to this proposal.


First up was Hare…

Hare set off for Lion’s lair thinking,

‘Whosoever does not become bewildered in the face of death is truly wise,

I shall devise an expedient.’


It was well past Lion’s dinner time when Hare finally showed up.

“Hoy,” said Lion, “how come you’re so late,

I shall now have to inflict upon you a penalty far worse than death!”


“The hour of my arrival is not my fault, your Highness,”

said Hare, bowing low. “I was waylaid by another lion.”

“This other lion,” said Lion, lashing his tail.

“Show him to me!”

Lion’s eyes had turned red with anger.

“Let your Majesty follow me,” said Hare, “and I will take you to the other lion.”


Hare led Lion to a distant well on a hill.

“There is the other lion’s house,” said Hare pointing at the well.

Lion immediately bounded over to the well

and roared his mightiest roar into it.

But Lion’s mighty roar was returned in kind and

 Lion could see in the dark depths the other beast.

Seeking to confront his adversary Lion leapt into the well…

And was drowned.


Hare returned to the other animals of the forest

and related to them the fabulous tale

of, ‘the Lion at the bottom of a Well’.

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