Notes from A Small Dog: Snow!

snow dog 1031It snowed! Not just a little bit this time… not enough, I have to say, but more than I’ve seen so far. It’s wonderful! She, of course, isn’t quite so happy about it, but she did mutter something about taking me out so she could shut the back door long enough for the house to warm up, put on a big thick coat and a flat cap, then she got the harness and lead….

I let her take the camera too. It keeps her occupied while I’m busy with the important stuff. The birds are so easy to spot against the white stuff! Especially the pheasants. You’ve no idea how many I was obliged to chase and speak to severely!

She took me down the lane towards the woods and let me off the snow dog 037lead, finally… It was so exciting, I just had to run! Of course, with the snow holding the grass down I could get inside all the hedgerows and through to the fields and woods. She had her new whistle though, so I knew when she was getting lonely and kept coming back to check on her.

snow dog 048She told me I’d missed the deer though. Kept going on about how beautiful it was just standing there so close she could look into its eyes. Hrmph.  Pity, I’ve not see one of those. I expect it is some kind of bird. The red kites were busy up in the snowy sky. I wondered if they were playing too. They looked as if they were.

The little hamlet where the cat lives was all white. The cat obviously doesn’t appreciate snow as it wasn’t outside as usual. There were the blackbirds though. Still, the woods were waiting and I needed to check on my favourite tree. It has been too muddy to go in there… well, for her anyway. I don’t mind the mud. I can soon rub it off on the carpet and sofa….

Me as a puppy
Me as a puppy

My tree was fine. It is a special one, the first I ever got to know well when I was a puppy. I thought I’d better check the dew pond too. She doesn’t seem to like me going in there, even though it is very shallow and muddy and great fun, but I was too fast for her today.

I would draw a veil over the next few minutes, but she says if I am going to be allowed to use the computer I have to tell the whole story. Though if she keeps going on about Bambi on ice, we are going to fall out….I’m not sure what this Bambi is, but she keeps chuckling about it. However, I did get to grips… possibly the wrong choice of word, that… with learning about ice.

snow dog 053As far as I was concerned water was either cold, like in the pond or my bowl, or hot, like the perfumed stuff she wallows in. Either way, it isn’t solid. And it doesn’t break when you taking a flying leap and land on it.Well, that’s what I thought.snow dog 0551

It pains me to admit it, but I was wrong. She, of course, just laughed till the tears ran down her face. And pointed the camera. Normally I try and pose for her, but I was busy. Every time I got a pawhold on the ice, the stuff snapped under me.  It took ages to get out of there, and to be fair, she did start putting her stuff down to come in and get me. I managed though… she hates having muddy feet.

snow dog 090I got my own back for the laughing though. Well a girl has to shake her fur dry, doesn’t she? We went to the other pond too, but I thought I’d give that one a miss…

She keeps saying that experience is a great teacher. I’ll concede that she may be right. She could have stopped me going in the dew pond… well, she could have tried, anyway…but I wouldn’t have learned about the ice then and how fragile it is when you bounce on it. And if we’d gone to the big pond where the water is deep I might not have been able to get out on my own. I suppose that’s what she means when she goes on about lessons coming in spirals and it being better to face them first time round while they are smaller than to hide from them, or even protect people from them, until they are big and can do more damage, and take a lot more climbing out of.snow dog 0561

Over the fields, where I dried and cleaned my fur in the snow, through the little copse then back home. Well come on, we’d only been out for an hour… I wasn’t ready to go in. So I let her play chase with the lead for half an hour longer to get really warm… then I very generously made her open the back door again so I could play in the garden some more while she cooled down some.

Of course, I’m a little tired now after giving her such a good run, but I like to make sure she stays fit and the fresh air is good for her. So I’ll sign off for now and stretch out on the sofa for a while.




7 thoughts on “Notes from A Small Dog: Snow!”

  1. Hi Ani! Such a beautiful day for a doggie in the neighborhood ❤ Glad you and your two legged had so much fun! Our cat children watched birds from the windows. Miss Willow set one or two paws out the back door and quickly decided she was better off queening it from inside. We have a new companion, Miss Jillian, who is black just like you! (Except, of course, she's a cat!) She is a little wild critter and we haven't quite figured out if she would come back if she got outside, so in she stays.
    It took our snow about three days to melt. Now, back to the rain….


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