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Little luxuries

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May 3rd, 2013…

So, it is half past midnight and I am eating strawberries and cream as I type. Mainly because I ran out of space in the fridge. But there is something of an innocent decadence in this small indulgence.

It has been a day of small luxuries, beginning with the arrival of a car full of friends this morning and the pleasure of welcoming them with coffee and an excitable small dog. And there are few things in life that give me greater joy than that… to see those I love relaxed and happy in my home.

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After Ani and her ball had about exhausted all of us, we took advantage of what can only be described as the most perfect spring day and went to the neighbouring Waddesdon Manor. This little bit of France sits atop a small, wooded hill in the middle of a Buckinghamshire valley and houses a fabulous collection of art and porcelain. The walk around the opulent rooms is always a voyage of discovery. Today, however, made far more special by the company I was in.

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There is a real delight in sharing beauty, wherever it is found, with people who are open to the simple joy of the green of new leaves against a vernal sky. For all the treasures inside the house, none could match the beauty of the day amongst friends.

An alfresco lunch on the Manor terrace added its own sparkle to the day with champagne raised in a toast to the moment. Opportunist jackdaws wandered amongst the tables and a red kite wheeled overhead. The gardens, gloriously alive with colour, basked in the warm sunshine…

Then it was time for a parting… only two of them though, one remains with me for a few days and we will be off in search of a little gentle mischief together. But for this evening, we sat at my table, talking and throwing a soggy and much chewed tennis ball until very late.

revelation3 065

And that too is a luxury I love. Not the soggy tennis balls, mind you…

So for tonight, a few words written, a few images shared of a day of small luxuries. It is not the grand ones protected by scarlet ropes and watchful guides that matter most, but the colours of spring, the shared laughter and speculative theories, the conversation, and above all the time spent in the company of friends. These things make today priceless.

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