Albion, Psychology

Love Hog…



If the first is a foot race,

then the second is a chariot-run…

Both lead to a film company

producing the self-same film.


A minor role in the first production

gives on to a major one in the second

 and much excitement among both cast and crew.


After filming we relax with

a nameless game of cards,

our circle of chairs being

swapped around on the third hand:

‘Do thrones count as seats?’

The question wins the game…


When put to the hostess that the way to

her home was strange and difficult to find,

a new assembly of players enters the fray

and our leave taking is a hug of greeting but also

a return, to help tidy up the party debris.


For the next role, we fix my hair

– a broad bandanna  –

for cricket?

Only, at the third attempt,

a sure-fire-six is caught!


To the green-field, we repair,

in celebration, where a big white

cow gives birth to a little black pig.


The film crew slowly lower a large pipe which

becomes a tunnel down which the little black pig runs,

until chased back out into the same world, but now

with an increased intensity of both colour and light.


In the distance, built into the steep

precipices of a mountain peak,

a tall-turreted castle displays its elegant form.


The pig is growing fast, and still running…

When caught, it is full grown and

has turned from black to white.

‘My name is love, and I am hungry’,

says the big white pig.


 We buy breakfast from my pocket

of ever expanding cash…

and it dawns on me that to look after love

is a huge responsibility.


We leave the diner just as their prices double

and the waitress points out the way to a large hill.


The hill is one near my home

but she pronounces its name

slightly differently.


I wake up with the

new-form on my lips…

Kinder Scout.’

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