Albion, Art, Trickster

Invitation to the Dance

Silver Fox 1

In a quiet corner of the bar we waited. The first thing we had seen was the dark silhouette of a Fox against the flames… the poster had made me smile. Or grin like a lunatic as my companion would have it. He was probably correct. For once, however, the books were not our first concern. We had a rendezvous with that mysterious figure known only as Charles James Fox…The Silver Fox… leader of the Foxes who grace the night of Hunter’s Moon with fire, pipe and drum; dancing with passion and burning brand…

fox 3

A dark-clad form joined us in the corner… and suddenly we were three. It is not every day you get to meet a legend, nor dine with a Fox, but on Thursday night, we were privileged to do so. And there were plans to be discussed, borrowing from the legend on their banner…‘Esto audax’… as we sought to weave a bright garland of Flame through the wreath of the Green Man.

silver fox 2

Little more can be said at this time of that meeting; all waits now upon the gathering of the Skulk of Foxes. Yet, before Charles James Fox disappeared into the night, an invitation was issued to join a feast where leaf and flame would come together on the lawns of the old Manor, where the veil of trees would hide the magic from sight as the Foxes danced to celebrate a wedding


But not yet. Not tonight. Charles James Fox disappeared into the twilight, while we looked out across ink-dark water, wondering what the weekend would bring…



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