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Out to play

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While December’s snow falls across the pages of blogland, I’m rather hoping it will stay there for the weekend at least and, for preference, avoid the West Pennine hills where the Silent Eye will be gathering to play out this weekend.

To call it a workshop makes it sound like something it isn’t… playing out is nearer the mark and, it has to be said, more in the spirit of the way we share knowledge. There is no reason that spirituality should be devoid of laughter and it should bring the heart and mind into the clear air… just as we do on these weekends where our sacred space is the land itself.

We will walk, talk, share and explore… ostensibly no more than a small party of walkers who ought to know better in December. In truth we will follow a story in the landscape, enjoying winter’s beauty and hoping for dry weather in spite of the forecast… and see where the moment leads our discussions. If it rains too much, probably a cosy pub.


For me it is time with friends in a place dear to the heart of our leader, on the same spine of hills that runs through my ‘own’ hills. This workshop almost a holiday as all I have to do is be there. The next one is a slightly different matter…

For now though, I head north, earlier than usual, with time to wend a leisurely way through England, south to north, feeling the tension of everyday ease from my shoulders with every mile and knowing there will be good company and a glass of wine waiting at the other end. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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