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Into the All…

El Greco 1597-1604


A lot of Holy Wells were furnished with Human Skulls…


One is All…

Two sees that One is All…

Three balances it…

Four establishes it…

Five is its central essence…

Six sides against it…

Seven finds its fulcrum…

Eight opens its portal-gate…

Nine steps through that gate…

…Into the All.


Did we know of any other churches with a St John the Evangelist window

and a Sacred Spring or Holy Well situated on-site?


… Well, we did but we just did not know that we did.


This is both odd and, perhaps, slightly troubling

given Wen’s propensity to rigorously

photo-inventory all our churches.


But it was an early one!

And at the time we had other things on our mind,

this church being the one we named, ‘The Dark Virgin of the Ridge’,

and even that now seems fraught with meanings other than we really knew.


I begin to wonder whether the energy imblances we discovered there

were actually down to the water flow.

Dark Water is a malady much discussed by those expert in the art of dowsing.


Anyway, when we did eventually find the water it was not a spring as such,

more of a weeping wall!

Amd that is ‘weeping’ not wailing…


Stained Glass Window, St Mary’s of Radnage

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