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Old George…


Maggot always gets his man.

Wherever they go. However far they flee.

However cunningly they hide…


Maggot enters the Ol’ George: legendary menagerie of care-worn dreamers.

This evening’s vibrantly clad gathering part to allow him to the bar.

His ‘thirties’ hat and summer rain-coat are still the heir to respect even in a place of ghosts.


‘Curious location for a meet.’

Maggot never questions his sources: the food and drink of his success.

Maggot takes a corner-table. Out in the street the night is glowing gold…



When moved,

a dart of tiny pink-and-blue feathers drifts from his neck…



The iconography of the ‘Beheading Game’ too, now appears to be full of double-blinds.

The head it seems in this respect is to be regarded as a microcosm for the body.

The mouth is analogous to the genitals, the nose, to the stomach and the forehead to the chest.

The spiritual heart referred to in the esoteric literature lies not in the chest but in the head.

The Chinese alchemists and mystics were more than well aware of this.

It is possible that they were among the first of the younger races to re-discover it.

Their ‘square inch dwelling in a square foot field’ is a precise enough designation though if we want to be circumspect we could add that this house, or dwelling, lies between the sun and the moon…

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